love your skin.

Treat yourself to our Ayurvedic inspired facial using our 100% plant-based self-care products. A relaxing facial designed to detox, nourish,  hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. $49 and 45mins. Only at Bombay Waterfront.

100% plant-based

We design modern, conscious self-care products created with the most powerful botanicals on Earth. Our unique blend is created with 50% traditional Ayurveda, an Eastern 5000 year old life science + 50% modern Western Wellness.  


Love your Brows. Naturally.

FACT: Self-care and self-love starts with you.

FACT: We are in love with you, your brows, and your skin. 

Over the past ten years of brow-shaping, we've seen the impact that beautiful brows has had on our guests and the difference it makes in their self-confidence. Brows are in our roots and where we came from. Come visit us for brows you love. 


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What is Ayurveda skincare?

What is Ayurveda skincare?

Learn what your dosha type is and how that affects your skin, your body and your overall health. It's why we've incorporated Ayurveda into our brow...

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because i am a girl.

Our mission is to elevate the world with love and we're starting with girls. We believe girls can change the world so we donate 5% from every online product purchase to the "I AM A GIRL" to prevent child marriages and support girls' rights and gender equality.