Visit our new concept store Bombay Beauty Co in the Fairmont Waterfront!


We are a 100% plant-based brow + beauty brand

inspired by ancient Ayurvedic beauty rituals + traditions

with a mantra to spread love.

With an affinity for their beautiful Indian culture and a mantra of empowering women through self-love, self-confidence, and self-care, sisters Ravy and Amy opened their first Bombay® Brow Bar location in February 2010 in the trendy district of Yaletown in Vancouver BC.

In November 2017, Bombay® Brow Bar opened its a new concept store called Bombay Beauty Co, specializing in facials with their own collection of plant-based products. 

 Today, Bombay® Beauty Co +  Bombay® Brow Bar have grown to be a highly coveted  natural beauty brand inspired by ancient Eastern beauty rituals and traditions.
Everyday, we are inspired by our purpose and mantra to spread love love through the world naturally and beautifully-one person at a time.